Do you have your own technical support department?

Yes, our dedicated in-house Technical Support department is there to assist with Alarm Installations, CCTV, Electric Fencing and Gate Motors.

How do the SRG officers patrol?

Using data driven crime analytics that adapt to evolving criminal activities in the area, our team employs a proactive approach to area patrols. By continuously analysing crime areas and trends, we gain valuable insights that empower us to strategically plan and execute patrols.

How will SRG gain access into my property?

Like all security companies, we are limited by the access you choose to give to us. We accept electronic access to any properties perimeter to allow us a more thorough inspection of your property if your alarm ever triggers.

What is SRG’s procedure when my alarm is triggered?

Given the critical importance of a physical response in the event of an emergency, our priority is ensuring a vehicle is dispatched to your premises when your alarm triggers. Only then will the Control Room operator attempt to call your preferred list of contacts. Should we be unable to reach a contact person, the vehicle has not wasted any time in making its way to your property.

What kind of training do your officers undergo? And how often are they refreshing their skills?

A very important question. Its not enough to merely test our Armed Response Officers skills once and assume their certificate will serve them for years to come. We insist that our Armed Response Officers undergo regular tactical, strength and psychological training – way above the industry norm. This ensures they are always in the best physical and mental condition to assess, control and de-escalate threatening situations.

What equipment do your Armed Response Officers use?

In the event of any alarm activation, your dedicated armed response vehicle will be immediately dispatched to your premises. The Control Room Operator will attempt to contact your preferred list of contacts.

 We insist on excellence where our equipment is concerned too. Our officers are armed with the highest quality weaponry, protective gear, vehicles and equipment they can rely on. The effectiveness of a security service heavily relies on these nuanced factors.

What differentiates you from other security companies?

 It’s not enough to simply compare different operators pricing. This decision is not an apples-with-apples comparison. What differentiates us is our overwhelming dedication to cultivating excellence within our team. This extends to advanced training, a meticulous focus on attention to detail, and our investment in the highest quality equipment, vehicles, and weaponry. We only invest in the best across our company and are setting new standards in security quality.

How long will it take an SRG Security Team vehicle to respond?

Given the number of variables at play, we believe that it would be irresponsible to offer a specific guarantee. Our average reaction time is between three to five minutes. At SRG, we are constantly aiming to improve our reaction times.

Will the Response Officer escort me into my property if I feel unsafe?

Yes. All our clients enjoy the benefits of our armed escort service. There is no extra charge for this service; however, alarm activations will take priority in any situation.

How do I test my alarm?

You can test your alarm by triggering your alarm in any way. We encourage our clients to notify our 24-hour control center before testing their alarm.


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